Found: message in a bottle!

People have been putting messages in bottles for more than a century, but this week on the shores of Birubi Beach one of our staff members here at 4WD Tours R Us found one of their own!

How did we find the message!?

Our beach office is located right between the sea and dunes in the lower car park at Birubi Beach. And on a super windy day the bottle blew right out in front of the trailer. Thinking it was rubbish went to pick it up and to our surprise there was a note inside.

What did the note say?

The note was from a 14 year old male in Brisbane, QLD. He was on board the P&O Pacific Explorer cruise boat and wanted to see if anyone would find his message – and we did! It didn’t take long to travel from Brisbane to Birubi, only a few weeks.

So next time you are out on the beach, see if you can find your own message in the bottle. And don’t forget to take 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, waterway or anytime you see rubbish laying around #take3forthesea.

And Kodi, if you are ever in Port Stephens we would love to take you out on the dunes sometime (and you can collect your message in a bottle)!

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