Trips to Tin City

Are you  looking for a last minute gift this Christmas?

How about a trip to Tin City. You can learn about the history surrounding the lost shacks, how it was once used for shipwrecked sailors and as a bombing range.

Tyres | It looks as though a retaining wall made of tyres and sand that has built up against the side wall over time is what is holding it up.

Eight | The front facade of shack number eight, featuring a double lockup garage and indoor patio area.

The Outskirts | The southwestern corner of Tin City.

The Garage | Previously known as the workshop.

City Centre | An empty space in the centre of the site.

Patchwork | The side wall of one of the larger shacks.

Buried | The northernmost shack appearing sunken in the surrounding sand.

Red Walls | The weathered colour bond pointing off into the dunes.

Sunrise | Looking towards the beach from one of the back corners of Tin City. Images provided by Brett Patman of the lost collective, National Geographic. 

Then after the tour we will head over to the hill for some sandboarding, there is nothing else like it!

 This festive season, think outside the gift box – give an experience instead of a gift!

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