We will never find that again

The Stockton Bight Sand Dunes in the Worimi Conservation Lands cover 4,200 hectares.

1,800 of which are a forest, as well as 32kms of the longest moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. And our sandboarding hill is situated within these 32kms of sand. So when we received a message from one of our recent customers about losing her $15k cochlear hearing aid all we could think was ‘we will never find that again’ but we are sure going to try.

But how?! The customer sent us a video of where she was sandboarding during her visit with 4WD Tours R Us and that gave us a starting point of where to look. But what is the best way to find a 5-10cm object in the sand? Should we start sieving through the sand? Should we call everyone we know and carefully step out every inch of sand in the area? Time was getting away from us, and we knew that as the winds picked and as the sand shifted that our chances of finding the cochlear hearing aid decreased dramatically.

Then we had a thought, what about a metal detector – the hearing aid is metal so that might work?! So we grabbed some metal detectors and started digging around sand … but sadly with no hearing air in sight and after lots of digging and ‘metal detecting ‘we were almost ready to give up. After all, the task of finding a 5-10cm implant in the sand was next to impossible.

Then all of a sudden one of our drivers Dicko kicked a bit of sand thinking nothing of it and low and behold – he kicked the cochlear hearing aid right out of the sand!! We had found it, against all the odds 🙂

A huge thanks to everyone involved in searching, brainstorming and eventually finding the cochlear hearing aid, it was a next to impossible task that without a team effort may not have ended so well.

Go team!!

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